I Am Back

it has been a long time since I have posted on this blog. I recently was “tagged” by my former computer instructor and decided it was time to try and bring all up to date.  I will have to review my journals and there may be a few things to share.  Please follow when I return to Wyoming next month.

Class Dismissed

Today, is the final day with my computer instructor.  And….I cannot begin to tell all of you how fortunate it has been to have had his knowledge.  In Laramie we are so blessed to have the availability of this type of instruction to further our knowledge, and more particularly to keep our brains in “high gear.”  He did inform me today that he will continue on a limited basis after he furthers his studies at the University of Wyoming.  I thank you all for checking in on me and I certainly would appreciate your comments.  More later……

Update on the Class Reunion, Etc.

Cover of "Some Like It Hot"

Cover of Some Like It Hot

Hi.  It appears from my “stats” on my blog that many of you took a “peek” at what I do in my free time.  Thanks so much.   This past week involved finishing the tasks from the Reunion, paying bills, reviewing pictures.  This certainly was a memory forever.

I had a special treat this past weekend.  My son, and daughter-in-law came from New Mexico to attend the “Evening at the Ivinsons” with me at the Laramie Plains Museum,  It was a great party.  Weather was perfect, and we had our cocktail party under the stars, followed by dinner in the tent, which was very lovely.  Enjoyed so many close friends at my table and exchanged many memories

Sunday, a really fun day to reminisce with a longtime classmate who is still in Laramie.  Both of us graduated the same year and yesterday we attended the Gryphon Theatre, which was our auditorium during our high school days.  Quite an experience to be seated in the same seats we rested our “bods” in many years ago when we were in school. Continue reading

High School Class Reunion a “Terrific” Success

I have really been behind with putting information on my blog.  I am sorry, but there has been so many details to wind up after such a terrific weekend, and additionally several of my classmates remained in town for a few more days, and it has been great to spend additional time with them.

As I previously indicated, we started the weekend with a great pizza party and the following day we had a tour of our old High School, which is now the Civic Center in Laramie.  We were all astounded with the millions of dollars that is being put into that building to make it one of the most “sought-after” venues in the community.  Following that great event, we had a wonderful gourmet dinner, catered by one of the most well-known restaurants in town, that went out of their way to provide a terrific menu, as well as decorate the Alice Hardie Stevens Center for an absolutely wonderful evening.  

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We wound up the activities on Sunday with a brunch at the Beartree in Centennial, Wyoming and we all said our good-byes and hopefully at some point we can get together again.  Time will tell as the years advance.  Stay in touch.