Update on the Class Reunion, Etc.

Cover of "Some Like It Hot"

Cover of Some Like It Hot

Hi.  It appears from my “stats” on my blog that many of you took a “peek” at what I do in my free time.  Thanks so much.   This past week involved finishing the tasks from the Reunion, paying bills, reviewing pictures.  This certainly was a memory forever.

I had a special treat this past weekend.  My son, and daughter-in-law came from New Mexico to attend the “Evening at the Ivinsons” with me at the Laramie Plains Museum,  It was a great party.  Weather was perfect, and we had our cocktail party under the stars, followed by dinner in the tent, which was very lovely.  Enjoyed so many close friends at my table and exchanged many memories

Sunday, a really fun day to reminisce with a longtime classmate who is still in Laramie.  Both of us graduated the same year and yesterday we attended the Gryphon Theatre, which was our auditorium during our high school days.  Quite an experience to be seated in the same seats we rested our “bods” in many years ago when we were in school.

They showed a movie entitled “Some like it Hot” starring Marilyn Monroe and it was hilarious.  We enjoyed a Chinese dinner late in the day and we enjoyed sharing many of our memories from the past.

I only have a couple more classes with my instructor as he will be attending classes for another degree at the University of Wyoming.  Hopefully, he will “squeeze” me in for some issues in his spare time before I leave for New Mexico about mid-October.  This has really been a special time to meet a new computer challenge.  I am going to try and keep it up, practice makes perfect, right?

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